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Working from Home | Excelling from Home

-stems, Methods, Structures, Tips, and more to help you be confident in your tasks wherever you are

Excelling from Home
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A Statistical Perspective | Double Down on Advantages --- Minimize Disadvantages

-97% of the workforce said a job with flexibility would have a huge improvement or positive impact on their overall quality of life – FlexJobs

  • With great power comes great responsibility, flexibility is a great addition to one’s work life but only if one can self-manage (more on this below)

-21% of remote workers say that the biggest struggle of working remotely is loneliness, while another 21% said that it was collaborating and communicating – Buffer

  • Segmenting time for pleasure and business must now be intentional; plan non-work social time, free time, and relaxing time. Establish the most convenient communication tools too (see below)

-77 percent of people working from home report higher productivity – CoSo Cloud Survey

  • Higher productivity w/ same work = shorter workdays if you stay focused

-People who are working from home in the United States right now avoid emitting 3.6 million tons of commuting-related greenhouse gasses annually - PCNA

  • Embrace the unexpected benefits and reflect of what that means for you and the future of work

A Technological Perspective | Managing Your Work and Information Using Technology

-Update: Invest in better internet, a work desk, a dedicated space, and a 2nd screen

-Cloudify: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud

  • Organize files as if you’d want a stranger to be able to navigate it easy

-Automate: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Other Task Manager

  • Reduce mental clutter by letting programs work in the background for you

-Enhancing Productivity à Microsoft Teams, Coda, Notion, Checklists, Action Priority

  • Use to plan ahead, work efficiently, and get down to business

A Psychological Perspective | Managing You using What You Know About Yourself

-Days are now self-structured, it’s you structuring them or no one

-YOUR Work Space

  • Physical should reflect the mental (cluttered area = cluttered mind)

  • Dedicated work area (work only, no pleasure) à ties mindset to physical location

-Build a Routine w/ Positive Habits | Schedule | Compartmentalize Day’s Hours

  • Create a healthy morning routine (consistent sleep schedule, healthy meals, and dress for success to get you in the mindset to go to work)

  • Work Time (Set your own times and stick to them)

  • Utilize batch work (try Forest app) and Pomodoro techniques for efficiency

  • Wind down to get away from work (Be strict with hours when day ends it’s done)

Other Ideas

-Set ground rules with others in your household for greater ease and peace

-Leave home to clear your mind and don’t forget to exercise

-Stay informed, not overwhelmed (Be cautious of excessive media usage)

-Determine most productive hours (morning or evenings for most individuals)

-Accountability partners (to stay on top of your goals)

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