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Thank you, we'll see you soon!

The end to another long year has finally come. Finals are about wrapped up and summer's breath can just be felt coming around the corner. These past two semesters at the club have been tumultuous to say the least but despite the conditions, this club year was host to one of the most populous, engaging, and serendipitous years it has had in recent memory. From the E-Board to you all, it has been a joy to see everyone's face in the crowd, a pleasure to get to know so many people better at Friday Night Lounges, and simply a brilliant time altogether being a part of the community. The club has been host to brilliant, engaging, and passionate speakers like Sean O'Grady, Christian Balevski, Evelin Martinez, Tracey Syphax, Lynn Greenberg, Chuck Morreale, and more, it has collaborated with over thirty exceptional organizations and clubs (on and off campus), and it has been host to discussions from small business ideas to grand visions of entrepreneurship to economics to philosophy. Our community of individuals from all disciplines, majors, and specializations is truly unique and makes it one of the most exceptional places to learn and grow. Our goal this year had been to provide you some of the motivation, resources, knowledge, network, and passion you need to take your ideas and make them real in the world, we hope that we have accomplished some of this. While this year has come to an end we welcome a new E-board to the table for this upcoming semester. They are sure to bring more exciting and eventful experiences soon enough, it’s just right around the corner. Thank you for everything and see you soon!

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