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Newsletter 3.14.21 - Take Care During Recharge Week!

As this week’s recharge week begins, we are allowed time to recover and rejuvenate. Normally when self-care is mentioned, one may think of doing facials, eating enticing “cheat meal” foods, or receiving a calming spa massage, as self-care. However, the mental aspect of it may not necessarily come into mind. Mental health goes hand in hand with physical health, for what we choose to feed ourselves in the form of physical food and other stimulating consumption impacts our state of mind. For example, perhaps reducing screen time and instead looking out the window and enjoying the unique nuances of the outdoors would be of great benefit. Instead of starting your day with no breakfast, try to consume a glass of water and incorporate a smoothie. Put away the headphones that blast music and instead sit quietly in meditation for five minutes. Very small tasks such as these could help slow down time in our already fast-paced world.

Self-care #1: Meditation

Meditation is the practice of training the mind to achieve calm and emotional stability through growing one’s awareness. An example of a mindfulness meditation is just simply sitting down on a chair, closing your eyes, and breathe deeply in order to release all tension from your body. Then continue to breathe deeply and pay attention to your breath. Where do you feel it? Notice how your lungs expand, how your abdomen moves with your breath, and how exhaling releases energy. Doing this for five minutes a day and noticing how your thoughts come and go will allow you to find stillness in a chaotic, evermoving world. The goal here is to ensure that your inner thoughts do not reflect that jungle that surrounds you and that you can always carry peace and serenity when the external poses its challenges.

Apps: Insight timer, Youtube: “guided meditations”, Headspace

(hopefully gives you a laugh!!!): F*ck That Meditation :)

Self-care #2: Yoga

Yoga serves as a fantastic way to move your body and simultaneously train your mind to focus. Once again, the breath serves as a vital component in performing yoga. Four types of yoga exist and everyone can do them! Power yoga will push the muscles and most certainly cause profuse sweating. Vinyasa yoga will allow a constant flow where each position is held for about 2-5 seconds, and a specific sequence of positions serves as a reset for the next poses. Hatha yoga will allow a longer stretch as positions are held for about 30 seconds but still allows muscle engagement. Lastly, restorative yoga works for those who seek to simply stretch. These poses are very low intensity and require equipment to simply move the muscles and restore them; positions are held for about 3 minutes. Many people notice that a simple 10 minute yoga stretch in the morning allows for a boost of energy and a general sense of calm when going through the day. Additionally, yoga is proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels in individuals and is an effective tool to combat such struggles. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a yoga mat, some water, and start your yoga journey!

Sources: Youtube: Yoga with Adrienne (30 day yoga challenge), TCNJ Humanitarian Yoga Club (instagram!)

Yoga Flow: 15 Minute Morning Yoga

Self-care #3 : Appearance

The phrase “look good, feel good” could never be more true! When you change your look, you can most certainly change your life. Think of that refreshing feeling after a clean hair cut, or after taking a shower and putting on new clothes that embody your style. Spend some time figuring out your style, your skin type, and what foods make you feel best. Then take the steps to fulfill how you want to look and who you want to become! Surely we can all agree that when we truly embody ourselves, we begin to glow from the inside. Remember, that how you present yourself matters in all parts of your life, whether it be making a first impression, presenting a business idea, or creating an image for yourself. Fashion and self-care go hand in hand with how you feel about yourself and your personal definition of success!

Style Survey:

Skin type survey:

Color Palette (discover which colors best suit you!):

Video: Change Your Look Change Your Life

Book: You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment – Thich Nhat Hanh, Melvin Mcleod and Sherab Chodzin Kohn

Entrepreneur of the Week: Adriene Mishler

How Adriene Mishler Became a Yogi Sensation

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