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Newsletter 2.28.21- Your Body and Physical Health During Quarantine

Newsletter 2.28.21

Welcome to this week’s newsletter! Unfortunately, we continue to find ourselves stuck in the claws of this catastrophic pandemic. The coronavirus continues to force us indoors, making it challenging to live our daily routines and take care of ourselves. One of the most apparent effects of this season is the closing of gyms and the literal sedentary lifestyle that may result from this scarcity. Fitness centers, training facilities, tracks, etc. all have shut down and have coerced many to lose their discipline in taking care of their body when it comes to the physical aspect. This brings us to noticing how the fitness industry has adapted and conformed the whirlpool of this social climate. Fitness influencers on Instagram and Youtube have seen massive success and companies with their marketing based on social media have also reaped immense benefits from this age. This surge in online sales and resources became monumental and truly shows us how much technology embeds itself into our daily lives.

Many of you may have heard about youtubers such as Chloe Ting or the 12-30-3 method of exercise, not to mention Peloton may now be a household name. Chloe Ting started her business on Youtube, creating at home workouts that are quick and easy, branding herself in a way that gives you the burn but also allows you to spend little time getting in shape. Her methods have proven beneficial and incredibly useful in today’s climate. Just as her business boomed, those of other influencers has grown in drastic rates as well. Let this inspire you to think about how a mainly online-based e-commerce business, one that not only sells products but also one that provides a vital service, allows for consistent revenue gain even when the world shuts down.

Aside from the business side of physical health, let’s focus now on… you! Though you may feel unmotivated and lethargic given the state of society, do not allow this to serve as an excuse for lack of discipline when it comes to your physical health. The internet has provided a plethora of resources for each person to take care of themselves and it comes down to mindset. How we treat our bodies is in direct positive correlation to how we feel about ourselves. Go for a run, buy a treadmill, find a square of space in your bedroom and push your body. Your body can do so much more than what your mind believes it can do, and it is up to your mind to nourish and heal you fully. Though the world and its constructs have closed for the time being, mother nature remains open and welcoming, so take advantage of it!


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Entrepreneur of the Week: Chloe Ting

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