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Newsletter 2.21.21- Veganism in Today's World

Go Green! Become a vegan! In recent years, the word “vegan” has grown drastically in popularity. The term itself has numerous connotations and can spur a myriad of understanding or even volatile reactions. However, despite the negative opinions of this lifestyle, the veganism movement has grown and has allowed many people to enrich their lives. Food bloggers, youtubers, chefs, advocates, writers, etc. have grown their own businesses based off of their choice to not consume any animal products. Massive companies such as Beyond Meat or Morning Star have achieved spikes in their stock price as people continue to learn about this lifestyle and make minute changes to their consumption habits. Additionally, a common person may showcase their identity through their plant-based food plan and thus create a thriving business, becoming entrepreneurs who bring staunch awareness to real issues. Deforestation, global warming, animal rights, animal testing, are among few of the many national and global issues that veganism positively changes. When it comes to commercial farming, release of methane gas released from cows (raised only for slaughter and human consumption) once they die escape into the atmosphere and contribute to increases in Earth’s temperature. This serves as one of the few examples of how vegans and their choices to spend their money on products that align with their values, can decrease the need for commercial farming.

What we all know in the business world is that in order for a company to be successful, there must be a demand. A supply with no demand translates to costs spent with no profit achieved. In effect, consumers put their money where their thoughts lie, and with vegans, consumers put their money towards a healthier and safer planet for all its beings.

To learn more about veganism, visit !! This website has all information about what being vegan means and the impact it has on the globe.


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The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food- Jeffrey Moussaief Masson

Entrepreneur of the Week: Ellen Fisher Ellen Fisher!

@EllenFisher on Youtube

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