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Newsletter 2.14.21- When Valentine's Day Meets Business

Newsletter 2.14.21

In the spirit of a new year and the trials and tribulations it will hold, what other event do we talk about if not Valentine’s Day? Ah, one of the year’s either most loved or most dreaded days. Many people do not take into account the numerous business ideas and innovations that blossom from the concept of love, for hundreds if not thousands of ideas capitalize on the holiday. The sales of flowers, chocolates, lingerie, neck ties, ice cream tubs, kleenex, Nicholas Sparks books, and, for the more daring individuals, sex toys, boost in sales. Most interesting to note is certainly the range presented by these products and how one holiday, mixed with consumer mindset, can benefit numerous different industries/markets. Take this as a lesson that consumers should remain the focus of any successful business, for times change and value is derived from the service the product provides.

Aside from the business and consumerist aspect of Valentine’s Day, and though many may bathe in its joys, many others find themselves alone on V- Day. More than likely, it spews feelings of loneliness, self-doubt, and depression, however let’s not forget that the one person who truly matters on this and everyday is… you. As Helen Keller once said, “Your success and happiness lie in you.” Whether you find yourself in endless, spiraling thoughts about your worth and your purpose, or you have all the esteem in the world, remember this. In business as in any moment in life, how you view yourself will directly impact your actions and how “successful” you become. Hence, self-love is the ballad for today, as it should be for days moving onward.


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