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From Madness to Management | Using Your Inner Tools

An introductory framework to building skills, developing methods, and establishing systems that aid in cultivating greater productivity, efficiency, and expediency in your daily tasks and greater visions

Midterm Management
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- Time Management

  • Minimize Distractions (physically and emotionally)

  • Reflect on how you allocate your time (and if it works as well as you’d like it to) --> Parkinson’s Law (use to your advantage rather than vice versa)

  • Organize (physically, digitally, and emotionally) --> Let your tasks and visions unfold with less friction (don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be)

  • Learn to prioritize effectively (end procrastination systematically) --> Use a Priority Matrix (Learn more here)

- Double Down on Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses

  • A niche skill/advantage puts you already ahead of the game with less effort (why ignore this? Cultivate it)

  • Discover your strengths --> What makes you feel fulfilled or is self-fulfilling just in doing it? What makes time fly and what makes is stand still? Read and explore to learn more about the world and yourself simultaneously. What are qualities you, family members, and peers say define you?

- Stress Management

  • End Multi-Tasking (instead adopt batching tasks), end perfectionism, and focus on the positive

Confident Decision Making

  • Economize (be aware of “decision fatigue” à allocate energies wisely) --> Jeff Bezos - “If I make, like, three good decisions a day, that’s enough. And they should be as high quality as I can make them”

  • How would your hero or someone you look up to evaluate this decision and why?

  • Avoid information overload (can cloud your thoughts if excessive info isn’t organized and structured)

  • Review decision at later time (but avoid overthinking)

- Become invested in short term losses for long term gain

  • Move away from the instant satisfaction lifestyle of the age


- Pomodoro’s Technique: Utilize to become more efficient and expedient in tasks

- Regular Interval Scheduled Planning (stay ahead of what you need to do before it gets ahead of you)

- 2 Minutes Rule: If a task takes 2 minutes or less do it immediately (no need to schedule)

- Two Day Rule: When building a routine or habit, it states you can’t take off two consecutive days in a row

  • Allows for breaks (one day off) without breaking habit (occurs when one day off becomes many off)

  • Learn more from Matt D'Avella


- Set Focus Time (specific work at specific times and days | your brain will make associations)

- Utilize Networks of Support

  • People want you to succeed: Talk with family, friends, colleagues, and LinkedIners who share interests

- Implement Robust Digital Systems: Coda, Notion, Google Calendar

- Design your work environment intentionally

  • Limit distractions (physical and emotional)

  • Minimize bad habits and influences by removing their source and or physical derivation --> Ex: If there is no Haagen Daz in the house you won’t eat it. Also Social Media remains a huge time suck for many and resets your brain in relax mode

  • Choose times to work that yield maximum energy for your tasks (typically mornings or evenings)

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