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The Entrepreneurship club takes pride in showcasing the ventures of our current members, alumni, and other entrepreneurs in the TCNJ Community whose ventures highlight the focused ambition of a select number of uncompromising individuals who were committed to seeing their vision be achieved. Each of these people and teams remains an inspiration showing that when pen is put to paper incredible things can happen. Each of the following individuals and their businesses are happy to be reached out to for a chat. If nothing else this highlights one of the most admirable qualities of TCNJ's community which is making time for others.

Greg Kaye | Brian Dragotto | Greg Perri | Greg Vaks |

Tom Athan | Joe Salamone | Neophytos Zambas

- The TCNJ Entrepreneurship Club -

In 2015 a group of seven students came together to form an outlet for individuals and potential entrepreneurs at the college. The goal was to create a space where like minded individuals could connect with others and discuss their ideas, goals, and visions. It is from this vision that the club now exists as it does.

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Greg Kaye

- Co Founder at EMRG | Head of Business Development at Zvook -

EMRG connects founders with the network, capital & resources they need to grow and is a continuously active and virtual incubator program with access to mentors, workshops, pitch practices and $100K + of savings on tools and services. EMRG Pitch Off, an annual conference bringing together the top 15 founders to compete for $30K in prizes and the attention of investors, corporate leaders and media. Greg is extremely passionate about helping student founders find the necessary connections and resources. To date, EMRG has helped facilitate 30 startups(and growing) attending Universities such as Princeton, Harvard, UPenn, NYU, Drexel, and many more.

Sarah Sleiman

- Code the Future -

Sarah encountered the steep learning curve to STEM subjects while actively participating to improve robotics opportunities in High School. Motivated to be a catalyst of change she established Code the Future to instill encouragement in young students of STEM subjects. Code the Future now is an established program in elementary and middle schools across New Jersey – taking over a week of science classes to indulge students in the fascinating world of Robotics. Next time you’re in an autonomous car, be sure to thank Sarah for making it possible.

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Jacob Boyle


Robotics was always Jake’s strong suit. He was passionate about robotics enough to have landed an internship – where he worked on robots for military purposes. However, he soon recognized the importance mental health plays when people close to him began facing mental health challenges. MARCO is a physical robot capable of human-like conversation specifically built to destress, advice, and help its user. How would it know if it has done its job? Well, MARCO can’t tap into your brain, but it certainly can monitor your heart rate.

Neophytos Zambas

- Neobook -

College students are often broke and end up deciding to forego textbooks because of their high prices. Neo noticed an opportunity to create college specific marketplaces where students can buy and sell textbooks and other items. This gives them the ability to sell to their own collegemates for lower prices. Neobook has made buying and selling easy, secure, and accessible within college communities. What better way to make money and help your friends simultaneously?

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Daniel Kramer

- WeGoal -

Daniel is an active social media user with quite a strong follower/friend base throughout various platforms. On a personal level he experienced issues constituting any social media – negative and time consuming. He decided to build a goal sharing social media platform that would counter such issues. We Goal is a social media that provides resources and the right community for you. Daniel’s goal is to create a positive, productive, and supportive social environment.

Ben Schulman

- Symbiotic games -

Family events at Ben’s must sure be fun! What began as a spur of a moment game turned out to be the first title of Symbiotic games – Propose a Roast. He used creativity and innovation to create a game into a business. Now he looks forward to creating multiple games that are a product of rigorous testing, constructive feedback and thorough processes but not by employees, but people of various age groups.

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Dennis Tuohy

- Our Tsunami -

When he was just 15, Dennis began volunteering for Ocean rescues. Ocean rescues are underrepresented in terms of both impact, and frequency. As applies for any other emergency response team – time is of the essence and improper equipment can cause delays in their performance possibly leading to fatal situations. Our Tsunami’s goal is to handle municipal contracts to standardize and maintain the integrity of Ocean rescue equipment for the lowest cost possible. Dennis wants to create a universal Ocean rescue equipment standardization.

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