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Our Mission

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Our mission is to cultivate a community of intellectually diverse, action oriented students whose aim it is to create, synergize, develop, and manifest their ideas in the hope of building a better world and to provide this community and each individual student the resources he or she requires to succeed in fully achieving their vision.

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Respect for All

We shall maintain to utmost extent an environment which is both equally professional and one that is warm and welcoming to all; an place that is built on the pillars of empathy and a respect for every member where they are embraced regardless of background

Diversity of Thought

We maintain that bold new ideas which are effaceable and positive for the world derive from an intellectually varied set of interacting sources and cultivating a community that supports the acceptance of new ideas and minds is paramount



Honest Effort

We state that the foundation of success is in frank terms often through the less glorious and more banal aspects of entrepreneurship. Hard, honest, tedious, and consistent work is the fundamental recipe.

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Our History

The Club has, for now over a half of a decade, strived to be the premier place on TCNJ's campus where all with ideas bursting at the seams can meet and gather the tools and resources they need to make that idea a reality. We continue this tradition and vision by expanding our arsenal of resources and delivered value to enable and catalyze the manifestation our members' visions.

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